It's that time of your life, where all your hopes and dreams are coming true, just as you got that call back for your dream job interview!! You're so thrilled, over the moon and maybe even a bit dizzy from jumping for joy 10,000 times per second (as if that's possible, or is it?) but then the rush comes over you, you freeze and maybe start that annoying yet soothing habit your mum always told you off about, yes, nail biting! because you've just realized you don't know WHAT TO WEAR!!?
Well my dear you'll be glad to hear that we've all been there, the only difference this time we have you covered!
Being open for business for over 30 years now, I think we can say we have the experience in these matters. We've come across all sorts of job interview outfit seekers, different tastes and different body types. So in this blog post we've summoned it down to 3 favorable, elegant dresses;  

Model size 2, wearing size small

Dress #1 - Have you ever heard the phrase "What not to wear?" well that doesn't apply to this dress! it's an all body type dress! (how you ask?). Well due to it's flattering structure of been crossed over with inner and outer buttons, they tend to pull in at the exact right point on your waist line, creating that bottle body shape we all die for! This pull in at the waist also creates a tulip like effect from the waist down, hiding any unwanted hips or creating a slight "puff" for those lacking the love handles (don't you just love to sweet talk that extra skin on our hips). Another thumbs up about this dress is that it's perfect for the more busted woman, by emphasizing the breast but not over whelming and keeping the girls under control, as for those with less sister love the cross over is quite high creating a perfect V line that's not too low or revealing.

As for the length of this dress, it is quite short but is has a wide inner hemline that's easily adjustable for that extra length you need. The dress is also sleeveless but that's nothing a double-breasted blazer can't fix (Oh yeah).


Model size 4, wearing size small

Dress #2This mid waist tie dress is all what this fall is about. We're seeing it in so many places, and we can see why! There's so much happening in this dress. Again starting off with the emphasized waist line, the only difference here is you can tighten or loosen the pull as you please. The tightness around the waist creates a beautiful flare for the rest of the dress that flows with every step you take, and the half length flared sleeves giving it a light and airy appearance. Not forgetting to mention the finishing touches of the open key whole for that even more feminine look.



Model size 4, wearing size small

Dress #3 - What's so special about this dress!? Well besides it being white and fully lined, this one is a classic, with it's front and back darts running down either sides, giving it that slim classic look we all love. But this dress goes an extra mile with the running belt from front to sides giving you a flattering look to your shape. As for the beautiful flares at the bottom of each side creates a beautiful feminine look that the basic classic dress lacks (not that we dislike a classic in any means). And that's not all, the back of the dress has an opening running down the back, making you look extra stunning from all sides.


So there you have it, a stunner dress for a stunning look for your stunn-tastical job! 

And always remember when you shop Bittano you be Bittabulous


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